Fire protection project:



Pacifico Risk provides a complete service in order to identify and install the best protection solution for the known risks, including all phases of the project:

         . Technical specifications,according to local or international standards
             (NFPA, FM, UNE, etc.) and respecting any internal corporate standards or
             instructions. In some special cases, the projects would be developed using
             Performance Based Designcriteria.

         .  Project reviews, we review bids from contractors to confirm that they comply with the defined specifications. Once a final bid is
             we would review, in detail, the entire project before installation starts.
         .  Supervisory Control, during the works to verify the correct installation of the system and to correct any defects before it is too
         .  Acceptance tests, are witnessed to verify that the installed systems perform as per specifications, the alarms are correctly
             transmitted  and all is in order.
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