Risk assessment surveys:


Risk assessment surveys is the main activity offered by Pacifico Risk, both for insurance companies and for industrial or other companies. Our independent and unbundled service is highly appreciated by our clients..

We are specialized in HPR engineering, but we are flexible in our assessments to provide a tailored service. We work with all local and international standards like NFPA, FM and UNE. We also respect internal corporate instructions and standards in our reports.


During our surveys, we direct and witness tests of the fire protection equipment to evaluate their performance and adequacy for the risk they protect.

Our reports are adapted to the format and valuation rules required by our clients. They include all the information to correctly understand the risk, define and prioritize the investments, among others:

         .  General information of the business, process and activity.
         .  External exposures and type of Construction,
         .  Process equipments, warehouses, utilities and EDP.
         .  Business interruption analysis.
         .  Human programs and security.
         . Natural catastrophe analysis and other general perils study.
         .  Fire protection systems and their adequacy.
         .  Description of possible loss scenarios (MFL, PML, NLE, etc.)
         .  Recommendations reports to improve the risks, including estimated costs to implement.

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